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Shidler Journal of Law, Commerce and Technology, 2005

There have been several instances in which seemingly innocuous metadata has wreaked professional and political havoc. Every electronic document has an invisible set of identifying data, its metadata. This Article explores consequences of ignoring metadata and suggests effective ways to tame metadata.

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Overstating the threat of metadata in PDF documents

PDF For Lawyers, September 7, 2004

Law Technology News recently published an article by Donna Payne and Bruce Lewis entitled: Metadata: Are you Protected? The article is informative and its authors to be commended for raising awareness of the dangers of metadata. However, I think that in their zeal to warn people about metadata, the authors actually overstated the problem in one key area.

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Microsoft Word bytes Tony Blair in the butt


Microsoft Word documents are notorious for containing private information in file headers which people would sometimes rather not share. The British government of Tony Blair just learned this lesson the hard way.

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Is Lockyer/Stevenson Letter Real?

The controversial Lockyer/Stevenson letter has so many factual errors that P2P United, the trade group representing the major commercial p2p operators, is wondering if it’s a fake.

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