About Metadatarisk.org

Metadatarisk.org is a public-benefit site offering information for readers interested in content security.

With the rapid adoption of email systems, documents that previously were printed or faxed to others have evolved into electronic documents that can be zapped around the world with a click of the mouse. The prevalence of attaching Microsoft Office documents to emails means that those senders of documents can unwittingly share confidential metadata without knowing it.

Metadatarisk.org provides information to help people understand the consequences of sharing certain types of information, the liability issues, and the risks to organizations. This site is a resource for professionals who are investigating ways to sufficiently protect their corporations from exposing confidential information.

We invite you to learn more and ensure sensitive and proprietary content does not reach unintended parties.

Metadatarisk.org was established by Workshare to raise the awareness of content security.





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