Web Content Security

Regulations Push Content Management into the Storage Arena

The top methods and technologies corporations need to stop unwanted content and manage Internet risks.

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IDC Study: The True Cost of Spam and the Value of Antispam Solutions, 2004

By: Intranet Journal

Keeping tabs on content is more important than ever, thanks to the profusion of federal regulations from Sarbanes-Oxley to HIPPA, which require companies to safeguard and archive data for an extended period of time. This means a content management strategy for the enterprise must go beyond the databases that marked the beginnings of the content management industry and incorporate storage as well.

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The Global Push to Protect Confidential Information Online

As indispensable as e-mail and the Internet have become at work, companies face rising threats from the exposure of confidential business or consumer data over the Internet.

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Monitoring Web Traffic to Protect the Company Without Affecting the Privacy of Individuals

Internet access has become critical to businesses and the rewards can be high. However, there are issues that arise when employees have unmanaged access.

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Beyond the Firewall: Using a Layered Security Strategy to Address Internal Security Threats

Security risks have increased as information technology has grown, making the need for a comprehensive security program more important than ever.

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